Pay & Conditions:

  • Unless you are under 18, employed by a family member or a trainee or on an apprenticeship every employee is entitled to a minimum wage of €9.80 an hour
  • You are entitled to a written statement of your Terms of Employment(or “Contract”) within 2 months of starting a new job or these terms changing
  • You are also entitled to a written statement of wages each time you are paid(a “Pay Slip”) that states gross pay and any deductions, the only deductions allowed are 1) PAYE, PRSI and USC and 2) deductions agreed by you or stated in your contract
  • Your contract must state the times and dates of your expected work, if not your employer must give at least 24 hours’ notice of these details
  • You are not obliged to work more than 48 Hours in a 7 Day period and your employer cannot force you to work more than an 8 hour shift at night
  • You are legally entitled to a safe place of work along with safe systems, equipment and competent co-workers

Family and Work

It is illegal for you to be fired or not hired because you are pregnant, you are also entitled to;
  • Time off for ante-natal classes
  • 26 Weeks of maternity leave around the birth of a baby(with at least 2 taken before the birth)
  • During this time you will receive Maternity Benefit, check with the Dept of Social Protection at least 6 Weeks before the birth what you are entitled to
  • Another 16 Weeks unpaid leave without the Maternity Benefit
  • New fathers should check their workplace where Trade Unions have won Paternity Leave in some places
  • 14 Weeks conditional leave for both the father and mother of a child under 8

Equality and Harassment

  • Harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace are illegal
  • It is also illegal to treat or pay someone differently because their gender, race, religion, family and marital status, disability, age or ethnic background
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The best way to learn about and protect your rights in the workplace is to join a Trade Union.