Northern Ireland

The Irish Nation knows no boundaries.
We are committed to Hume's Agreed Ireland.

1. Minister of State for Cross-Border Cooperation:

Labour Youth believes that in order to increase cross-border cooperation in all aspects of the functions of government, the creation of a Minister of State for Cross Border Cooperation is needed. The Minister would have the responsibility to engage with the Northern Irish Executive and seek to expand cooperation in all areas and report back to cabinet so as to increase the level of forward-planning outside of the already existing inter-parliamentary bodies.

2. IFA-FAI Merger:

Recognising the power of sport to bring communities together and create reconciliation, Labour Youth believes that a merger of the Irish Football Association and Football Association of Ireland is necessary to further normalisation on this island, looking to the examples of the All-Ireland rugby and cricket teams in fostering cross-community spirit.

3.Inquiries into State Collusion with Paramilitaries

Labour Youth calls for a full inquiry into all accusations of collusion and collaboration between British Security Forces, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Loyalist paramilitaries including the murder of Rosemary Nelson and the accusation that senior members of the Thatcher government were aware that there was a systematic problem with collusion at the time of the death of Pat Finucane and failed to act.

4. Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Labour Youth calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in order to establish the truth and facts about the Troubles in a fair, impartial and non-punitive manner, in the vein of the South African model.