Homes for All

Having a Home is a basic Human Right.

1.Insert a Right to Housing in the Constitution

Labour Youth supports the insertion of the right to housing into the Irish Constitution.

2.Compulsory Purchase Orders

Labour Youth calls on Labour representatives to push the policy of compulsory purchase orders at municipal and national level. Labour Youth believes that those who are hoarding housing in their own self-interest are condemning thousands to homelessness and the Labour Party should remain at the forefront of the fight against those who are allowing good homes to remain vacant.

3.Property Levy:

Labour Youth calls for a 3% annual levy on all property that does not serve as a person or family’s principal residence. In practice this would mean that all empty properties (i.e. Vacant Houses/ apartments, derelict sights, 2nd, 3rd and 4th homes etc.) would be charged a rate of 3% in accordance with the value of the property. The levy would not be paid by people in the process of building, attempting to rent or sell the property, nor would it come into effect regarding inherited houses.