Universal Healthcare for All

1. Cannabis

Labour Youth supports the legalisation of cannabis use and its regulated cultivation for personal or commercial purposes. Labour Youth further supports allowing for businesses to obtain “Cannabis Coffee Shop” licenses, but does not support cannabis being made available to minors or being advertised at sporting events or through other media targeting solely or partially at children.

2. Organ Donation

Labour Youth supports the changing of Ireland’s organ donation system from an “opt-in” to “opt-out” model.

3. Mental Health Investment

Labour Youth calls for the following policies to be adopted in the area of mental health:

  • Increasing Child and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) staffing levels to no less than that recommended in the government’s Vision for Change policy document • Extending the Counselling in Primary Care service to non-medical card holders and extending the maximum age of eligibility to at least 26

  • The provision of 24/7 crisis mental health services in at least all major towns and cities in Ireland.

  • Future state mental health policy to be mindful of the need not to abandon people availing of mental health services once they age out of the system.

4.Morning After-Pill

Labour Youth believes that the morning-after pill should be available over the counter, without the need for a prescription. A standard price of €10 should be set for accessing the morning-after pill. It should be available ‘over the-counter’ and without permission for pharmacists to refuse to dispense it on grounds of ‘conscientious objection’.