Building an Educational System that places the Student First.

1. Fee-Paying Schools

Fee-paying schools should not receive state funding. It is our opinion that the best way to provide for the educational needs of the next generation is to promote a universal educational system. If private schools are to continue, they should survive without state assistance. The state should never support institutions that prioritizes providing opportunites to wealthy students, rather then ensuring every child gets an equal start.

2.Modern Sex Education

That the current the relationship and sexual health education in school is substandard. Labour Youth therefore calls for the curricula to change to include sex-positive education that discusses the importance of consent, healthy relationships, and marginalised sexual orientations and gender identities. These curricula should also include, but not be limited to, inclusive sexual health, contraception, and crisis pregnancies.

3. Campus Accommodation

Labour Youth supports the establishment of a central authority responsible for allocation of student accommodation and a protocol that includes but is not limited to the following criteria: progressive weighting for distance from home address; income assessment independent of parents.

Labour Youth further supports the construction of dedicated student accommodation being the responsibility of local authorities.

4.Student Fees

We remain fully opposed to the return of third-level fees in any form. We believe in universality of access and we believe there should be no barriers to learning, including at postgraduate level and in part-time higher education.