Culture, Heritage and Sport

Building a Cultural Democracy based on Community, Equal Access and Ownership

Artists’ Tax Exemption

Labour Youth supports extending the artist exemption to actors.

National Independence Day

 Labour Youth believes that the National Independence Day should be established on the 21st January, the date of the first meeting of the Dáil.

League of Ireland

Football is the largest team participation sport in Ireland. Throughout the country the game has an estimated 450,000 people involved on a regular basis, primarily on an amateur and volunteer basis. The League of Ireland comprising the Premier and First divisions along within Under 19 league sits at the top of the men’s participation tree, while the recently commenced Under 17 League is a further addition to the player pathway ladder in Ireland. There are many good things about the League of Ireland – the people, the fans, the passion,the occasions.

Labour Youth commends the achievements of Dundalk FC, Cork City FC and Shamrock Rovers FC on the European stage. The League of Ireland is a good league which can be much better. A brighter future for the League needs to address the breadth of issues which will make the League a long term success.

Labour calls for the creation of a strategic investment plan for Irish domestic soccer to be devised by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport with a view to improving grounds around the country including Derry City, as well as supporting the 2015 Conroy Report on developing the League and encouraging the Football Association of Ireland to implement it.


Labour Youth is committed to working with others to campaign for a functioning, inclusive, late-night nightlife scene with 24-hour public transport access where possible and alcohol and drug-free alternatives across Ireland to:

  1. Reduce traffic, violence, noise-pollution, accidental injuries from overcrowded pavements and other incidents related to anti-social behaviour as a result of early and abrupt closing-times for nightclubs and bars;

  2. Facilitate the creation and incubation of new musical genres, communities and other cultures.

  3. Boost the welfare of groups who attend night-clubs;

  4. Promote the economic and social growth of the areas in which night-clubs are opened.

Ché Guevara Statue

Labour youth recognises the importance of the proposed statue of Ché Guevara in Galway City, due to the economic benefits via tourism, its left wing symbolism, and its potential in recognising the Irish Diaspora in which Ché Guevara’s parents were included.