Labour Youth Shellshocked By Article In Today’s Sunday Independent

The leak of the election ad featuring the marriage of Gerry Adams and Micheal Martin this morning has shocked Labour Youth.

In response to the leak of the ad, Grace Williams, Labour Youth National Chairperson, says: “We in Labour Youth are shocked by the ad which appeared in the Sunday Independent this morning.

“While I remain hopeful that this will continue to remain an unused draft, serious concerns must be raised if this is the electoral strategy that Labour wishes to pursue over the next number of weeks.

“Cheap political point-scoring will not be effective in tackling this election. We must actively promote Labour Party policy instead of using this style of negative campaigning to win votes.

“We condemn the leaking of the ad from within our party. There must be a serious investigation to identify those behind the leak and prevent any further leaks during this crucial time.

“These concerns need to be addressed swiftly in order to ensure we are prepared for the general election campaign.


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