Commission Proposals on Migrant Crisis are ‘Inadequate’


Triton 9.5.16

Labour Youth has taken part in a Europe-wide day of action organised by the Young European Socialists in response to the European Commission’s ‘inadequate’ proposals to stem the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

International Officer for Labour Youth Kerri Ryan said: “It is imperative we stand in solidarity with our comrades across Europe to highlight this problem. Recently we witnessed harrowing tragedies causing hundreds of deaths in the Mediterranean, but we feel the proposals of the Commission which emerged today are inadequate and won’t deal with the issue.

“Our actions are in response to the 10-step plan recently released by the European Commission. It includes the aim to ‘capture and destroy’ vessels used by smugglers, as well as establishing a new return programme for rapid deportation of irregular migrants, co-ordinated by Frontex. Meanwhile on the side of life-saving measures, very little was actually promised.”

Vice President of the Young European Socialists and Labour Youth member Neil Warner also said: “We in YES felt that we could no longer stand back and do nothing as the situation continues to deteriorate. That’s why we organised a European Action Day, calling on our colleagues to highlight the issue however they can in their respective countries.”

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