Labour Youth marks second anniversary of Utoya shootings

This morning, representatives of Labour Youth members presented 77 roses to the Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland, to mark the second anniversary of the horrific 2011 attacks which took the lives of sixty-nine Norwegian Labour Youth (AUF) summer camp participants and eight Oslo residents.

Labour Youth’s National Chairperson Aideen Carberry and International Officer Angelina Cox led the group of Irish Labour Youth members in marking the tragedy.

Aideen Carberry said: “Labour Youth members today have gathered to remember the lives of our deceased comrades, who were so viciously taken from us. We also gathered today to reaffirm our commitment, that we share with the AUF, to rigorously oppose extremism, discrimination and racism at every opportunity.

“Today has also been an opportunityfor us to reflect, as many of us were affected by the attacks. Our own summer camp was held only weeks earlier.

“Across Europe, Labour Youth through the Young European Socialists, have a network of young activists who have campaigned for decades for an inclusive and welcoming Europe. We have long valued the diversity that people from outside our borders bring this already-diverse continent. Two years ago today, our comrades in Norway were brutally attacked at their summer camp in Utøya for their efforts in fighting right wing extremism. We who promote diversity and inclusion must never forget that this extremism exists and opposes our efforts.

“While of course we take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to a peaceful and inclusive Europe, today is primar

ily to mark the lives of our comrades who were so brutally taken from us. Sixty-nine young people were taken from this world because they fought for a better Norway and a better Europe. Today, we are all AUF members. We send our sincere condolences to the AUF, to the Labour Party in Norway, and indeed to the Norwegian people.”


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