Labour Youth Call on Keaveney to Reconsider X Case Vote

Issued 27 May 2013

Labour Youth are asking Labour Party Chairperson, Colm Keaveney, to reconsider his position on the pending X Case legislation, following his opinion piece on The over the weekend.

Labour Youth Chairperson, Aideen Carberry said: “We are disappointed that Keaveney has announced his intention to vote against the proposed ‘Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013’. Legislating for the X Case Supreme Court Judgement has been Labour Party policy for in excess of a decade now. At the same National Conference at which Keaveney was elected Party Chairperson in 2012, delegates overwhelmingly called on the Government to legislate in line with the X Case Judgement. That motion explicitly noted the need to include suicide as a real threat to a woman’s life.

“Keaveney insisted that he would be able to remain as Party Chairperson because he represents the values and policies of our party and movement, despite having lost the whip. Our party and our movement have argued over many years that the X Case Judgement needs to be legislated for, and this explicitly included the threat to the life of the woman by suicide.

“Although he is under no obligation to vote in line with the Labour Party having lost the whip, we urge Keaveney to reconsider his position on this Bill, and represent the views of the party members who elected him as their party chairperson.”

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