Labour Youth welcomes Quinn’s action plan on school bullying

National Chairperson of Labour Youth, Aideen Carberry, has welcomed today’s launch of a new Action Plan on Bullying by Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn, and the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald.

Speaking following the launch of the new guidelines, Carberry said: “Labour Youth are delighted that Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn has presented such a robust plan to tackle the scourge of bullying in Irish schools. The new guidelines will strengthen existing school anti-bullying measures while also making significant new additions.”

“This new Action Plan will help in a big way to tackle relatively new forms of bullying such as ‘cyber bullying.’ Schools have, unfortunately, been lonely and difficult places for many young people in Ireland. Bullying because of race, disability, sexual orientation and gender exists the length and breadth of the country, and unfortunately can have more long-term and sometimes tragic outcomes. No young person should find themselves victims of such treatment. Schools should be places of secure and happy learning, where young people can grow and mature with confidence in themselves.”

Carberry said: “We are very happy with the new measures announced today by Minister Quinn, and we hope that they will be an effective tool in stamping out bullying in our schools. The training initiatives targeted at students, parents and school staff will ensure that victims of bullying will have sources of support nearby.”

“But we all know that bullying is not confined to the school yard or classroom. Bullying can exist anywhere. It’s important that this Action Plan is properly implemented and monitored, reviewed periodically and maintained to tackle bullying, wherever it may exist.”

“We as a society may have finally woken up to the scourge that bullying now is. Labour Youth welcome the Government’s actions to tackle this problem and will continue to campaign on and work with other organisations to stamp out bullying,” said Carberry.

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