Labour Youth calls for a Yes vote in Children’s Referendum

Speaking following the launch of the Labour Party’s campaign for the Children’s Rights Referendum, Labour Youth has called for a Yes vote to improve the rights of each child in the state and truly make them full citizens of Ireland.

Labour Youth International Officer Angelina Cox said; “Labour Youth have over recent years consistently called for a children’s rights referendum as a necessary measure to combat our deeply rooted societal problems. For too long, the state has been either implicated, or been a helpless bystander while children have been repeatedly let down.  Regrettably, it took us to realise the full extent of the horrific accounts of how we as a society failed in protecting our children to see action come about.”

“Following a vote of our members at a recent national meeting, Labour Youth is calling for a Yes vote on Saturday 10 November.  We believe a Yes vote is the best way to protect children.  The proposed amendment will do this by supporting families, removing the inequalities that exist in the adoption process and fundamentally, recognising children in their own right in Bunreacht na hÉireann,” said Cox.

Labour Youth hope that voters will give an emphatic Yes to children’s rights in this referendum on 10 November, particularly as the referendum is being held on a Saturday.

Cox said: “We have always put the case forward for holding elections and referendums at the weekend.  So many people, young and old, work or study away from home during the week, and that is why it makes sense to hold these polls at the weekend.  We in Labour Youth hope that young people who may be studying or working away from home during the week will use this opportunity to engage in our democratic process.”

Cox concluded: “Labour Youth activists will be canvassing across the country to ensure that young people get out and vote in this referendum, and we will be campaigning to make every possible vote a Yes vote.”



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Angelina Cox